Bend Oregon Concrete Driveways

Bend Oregon Concrete Driveways

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Although plain gray concrete is still installed most often, more people are catching on to the dazzling effects possible with decorative concrete and seeing the instant curb appeal a decorative driveway can give to any home, no matter what the style. The concrete driveway contractors have introduced many products and methods that can rejuvenate or resurface existing plain-gray driveways. Here are the reasons why you should choose to get a concrete driveway.

Beauty and Curb Appeal

As mentioned before, this is one of the best reasons to choose concrete. For many, the standard light gray surface offers considerable curb appeal, although creative design options exist. Colored concrete is the answer for homeowners who want a darker surface. Stamped concrete driveway surfaces add a pleasing texture that often blends beautifully with a home’s architectural design. Exposed aggregates offer a highly textured, three-dimensional look. A concrete driveway may also make it easier to sell your home in the future, and you’ll likely recover a portion of your investment when you do.

Maintaining the Driveway

A properly installed concrete driveway should last for many decades and at least two or three times longer than an asphalt driveway. Because you do not need to resurface concrete driveways or replace them as often, fewer raw materials are consumed over the life of the pavement. You can also easily contact concrete driveway contractors for concrete driveway resurfacing.

Many people look at concrete driveways as being virtually maintenance-free, but to best ensure long life, it does pay to keep the driveway clean and sealed. A good scrubbing with a hose and stiff brush will usually handle the cleaning, while a concrete sealer will add a layer of protection. 

Clear sealers protect against de-icers and moisture absorption. Contraction joints isolate cracking that occurs as concrete shrinks. Sealers should be applied at least once a year. If you live in snow country, the best time to seal a driveway is in the fall to ensure that the slab will stand up to road salts and harsh winter weather.

Concrete pavements Natural Benefits

Concrete pavements are cooler since they absorb less UV radiation than their asphalt counterparts. You only need to compare walking barefoot on the two types of surfaces on a hot day to appreciate the difference. Although asphalt’s heat absorption is a benefit in the winter, this cold-weather advantage is countered by the consequences of having a hotter driveway in the summer.

Concrete is also naturally brighter and more reflective than asphalt, saving energy by reducing the need for lighting at night. Since asphalt absorbs so much light, an asphalt driveway may require about a third more lighting than one made of concrete. With a concrete driveway, energy savings multiply for years to come. In addition, light-colored paving materials help reduce the heat-island effect in urban areas.

Since the embodied energy costs of a concrete driveway are lower, it is a more environmentally friendly paving solution. That is, it requires less energy overall to both produce and place concrete. Your ready-mix supplier can also make the concrete for your driveway using waste byproducts, which reduces the consumption of raw materials and keeps waste out of landfills. Contact Bend Oregon concrete contractors for any concrete driveway questions!

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