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Concrete Patio Cost

When talking about concrete patio cost, the typical sizes of these patios are around 288 square feet, now, the usual average cost for similar-sized patios would be around  $2,800, with it being $10 per square foot. Of course, like all other services, there would be many factors that would significantly affect the final concrete patio cost. The aforementioned $10 per square foot is only an average estimate. The concrete price estimate is somewhere in between $1,300 and $5,100, or $3 to $15 by the sq ft maybe it may even reach $28 by sq ft max.

For most homeowners, creating an attractive and welcoming outdoor space is one of the priorities. A poured concrete patio is a great choice, thanks to its durability and resistance to almost any weather condition. Concrete patios can also add value to almost any home and any type of environment. In addition, using concrete as the material for a concrete patio makes it customizable to fit any available space or complement any concrete designs or concrete themes.

Factors That Affect Concrete Patio Cost Per Square Foot

Design Costs

It is only natural for concrete patio costs to bump up when the concrete designs are relatively complex and intricate. Normally, adding concrete texture, color, borders, or other design features will add up more concrete expenses and prices. A basic concrete shape with straight edges is easier to form and therefore cheaper, while concrete curves are more complex and therefore more expensive.

Here are some references for colored concrete patios. Clay-colored concrete slabs with the addition of a few pieces of rustic material furniture with cushions in colorful concrete prints may provide a comfortable place to relax as the sun starts to set. Meanwhile, brick-covered concrete patios accented with pots of hibiscus material and caladiums material will recall a slow and easy atmosphere reminiscent of days gone by in the coastal areas of the South.

Concrete Patios’ Size Cost

Another more common factor is the concrete patio size. The usual price per sq ft typically goes down as the concrete patio get bigger. Alternatively, for small concrete patios, some contractors charge a minimum total rather than a per square foot price. There are also some concrete slab-foundation homes that have a covered concrete porch area under the main area that can be easily enlarged by adding another relatively small concrete patio.

A covered porch under a hip roof extended eight to ten feet has the ability to add the equivalent of an outdoor concrete room to accommodate a set of concrete patio furniture. Let say there is a house concrete patio installation on a concrete foundation with no concrete porch at all, this house would still seem bigger solely due to the addition of a concrete patio and some outdoor chairs. In addition to this, it would also look like a charming place to relax in the mornings and evenings or to catch some rays during the day with the simple addition of a few potted plants at the concrete feet corners.

Patio Thickness Cost

There is also the thickness of the concrete patio to keep in mind. Similarly with the size of the concrete, patio, while planning the cost of your concrete patio on the lawn, it is best to first determine the thickness of the concrete slab. It is always best to contact your city planner or building code office to check for requirements. If zoning laws don’t apply at your location, the standard concrete thickness to get a concrete patio is four inches tx.

Although you may get ahead of yourself, it is best to keep in mind to complete concrete home improvements and patio installation with an eye to the future and consider getting lender approval if you sell your concrete home in the future. It is it’s normally necessary to consider concrete repair, easements, as well as the utility of all the concrete slab infrastructures when building a concrete patio, among other restrictions. If you live in a subdivision, you’ll also need to get consultation on your homeowner’s association project before beginning any concrete or concrete patio project.

Concrete Mixture Quality Cost

Another huge factor in these concrete costs is the concrete mixture’s quality. It is quite known that the best concrete mix is usually strong enough to stand up for years to use and weather, this environment includes freezing, without cracking, not so strong that it’s hard to create a decorative finish. A concrete patio is usually uncovered, leaving the concrete exposed to heat, cleaning, cold, rain, and snow.

The homeowner or whoever is requesting the slab service would most likely need to choose the best mix that can stand up to this exposure as well as the weight of other heavy potted plants and furniture. You may also call your local concrete products contractors so that you can ask for more information for the concrete patio such as the price by a cubic yard of the mix, or the best concrete products contractors and mixes near your location.

Form For Concrete Cost

When pouring concrete, it would most likely need a form. These forms can even be done by yourself, in fact, there are many do-it-yourself view guides available for this step of concrete patio. Although some may suggest that doing this part out by yourself would save some money, the price will still typically depend on the cost of lumber in your area, as well as the thickness of the concrete patio. In addition to stakes and string, you may be expecting an estimate of $40 and $60 on 1×4 planks to build your twelve-foot concrete patio slab form project.

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Concrete For New And Existing Patios

Although the forming part can be done by yourself, do keep in mind that quality is still an important thing. If your site requires reinforcement, you’ll need to add the cost of rebar or wire mesh. The usual going rate for any skilled labor usually starts at $25 per hour, this should be considered if you are planning to get someone or contractors to do the project for you.

New concrete patio and existing concrete patio may also affect the final price. If you are looking to install a new concrete patio, it will cost an estimated $3 to $15 per square foot, and sometimes, it even costs more. If you have an existing patio and are only looking to refresh the appeal and looks of the concrete patio, or maybe install some repair made to any damage, you may not necessarily need to start over. The costs of patio resurfacing or replacement are less than that of replacement, ranging between $3 and $10 per square foot.

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