When You Need Concrete For Your Bend Oregon Backyard

Nowadays, the backyard becomes an extension of the total aesthetic of a home. The majority of homeowners take advantage of either limited or vast backyard space that comes with their home. Spicing up a backyard can be possible with the use of concrete. Here’s how:

Concrete Patio

One of the essential elements in today’s home is a patio. A patio is a great way to enhance and accentuate a home’s aesthetics. Various materials ranging from wood decks, pavers, and natural stone are among options available in the market for making a patio, however, the majority of homeowners opt to go for a concrete patio for its affordability, versatility, durability, and easier maintenance. The concrete patio allows a homeowner to effortlessly connect inner and outside living spaces, in addition to functioning as a gathering zone for sitting and entertainment.

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Concrete patios have a lower price tag compared to those made of brick and natural stone. It provides easy installation as it can be formed into any shape to fit any backyard space constraints and appeal as an economical option for those conscious of budget limitations. If properly installed, concrete patios may last for a long period since their durability can withstand any inclement weather or immediate threat in damages.

Seat Walls

Another way to spice up a backyard is by adding concrete seat walls that can be installed for many different purposes and in many different styles. It can be straight or curved, freestanding, or integrated into a retaining wall. Some homeowners install seat walls around a fire pit or as a patio border. It provides sitting room for entertaining without taking up too much space, if maximized well, it can provide seating capacity for 10 or more guests.

Architectural Accents, Water Features, and Fireplaces or Fire Pits

For a more dramatic backyard, the key is having a focal point. A focal point draws and catches the eye for attention. These backyard focal points can either be the following: architectural accents, water features, and fireplaces or fire pits, whichever of those mentioned will surely be an attention-grabber in a backyard.

In creating beautiful columns, balustrades, arches, and other architectural elements that may be modified to fit any architectural style, the ideal material would be an architectural precast concrete. It is a massive section of concrete that serves both structural and ornamental purposes. Adding this element into a backyard will surely appeal to the aesthetics of the home.

A popular option as well is adding water features like fountains or ponds. The relaxing sound of water from fountains and ponds brings life and peace to any backyard. Some water features use artificial rocks made of concrete to create a dramatic yet economical way to enhance water landscapes.

Nowadays there has been growing popularity among backyards having fireplaces or fire pits. The flickering flame sets a romantic and relaxing ambiance making homeowners build one. The concrete fireplaces and fire pits provide a sleek and neutral design that may fit any backyard aesthetic.

Fragrant Planting

Another element that adds life to any backyard is having plants. Some plants cannot thrive directly on soil due to high alkalinity, and with the use of concrete, planter boxes can be made. Upon proper sealing, concrete planter boxes help plants to thrive and are proven to be non-toxic for plants. A simple and straightforward concrete planter box is surely a way to create a nice focal point for any backyard.

Concrete Furniture

Due to concrete’s versatility, it is now being used for non-traditional formats such as furniture. Concrete can now be used to construct more sophisticated curved furniture due to improved setting and shaping techniques. Concrete furniture design is continuously changing, and cement furniture is beginning to emerge in modern homes, whether indoor or outdoor.


Though concrete is known to be durable, it can last a long time with proper care and maintenance done from time to time. If there are indications of the following: cracks, pooling of water, spalling, and weathering, this is the time to either undergo repair or replacement.

Since water is the leading contributor to all kinds of concrete and masonry damage, after rainy weather, it is recommended to pay attention to any pools of water occurring on the concrete patio. Standing water on a regular basis may weaken the concrete’s stability, which can lead to further issues if not resolved immediately.

Also, another factor to consider is cracks. Minor cracks are unavoidable and usually not a major concern, but once they start to form it may cause a major problem. This allows weeds to grow between such cracks causing them to widen and allowing entry of water. The water will continue to freeze and thaw once inside that will eventually put pressure on the concrete and cause it to crack even more.

The last factors are spalling and weathering. Spalling is a condition that occurs when a concrete structure begins to chip away. This is usually caused by using too much water when mixing concrete. If pieces of concrete structure are falling off it is recommended to replace such. As for weathering it is often caused by age and wears, by strong weather fluctuations, or improper foundation work. In such cases, immediate repair may somehow aid the damage if such damage is only minor in nature.

At the end of the day, not every homeowner is blessed to have a backyard space, therefore, having one is a great privilege. A quick way to spruce up any backyard is simply with the use of concrete. Its versatility can be used to achieve a cozy and inviting space, and its lifespan may be prolonged with proper care and maintenance, and this can be all made possible with the help and expertise of Quality Concrete Bend Oregon or call us at 541-283-0954

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